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SoleMani Women's Gabi Extra Slim Calf 12"-13" Black Leather Boot

  • By: Anna R.
    I’ve been ordering boots and trying them on in store for months and they are all too big and too tall. I’m 5’3” and I gave slim calves apparently but the maximum of the slim. I’m 13.5 and the slim fits perfect like a glove-comfortable but so sleek with no swashbuckling gappy look. No break in required. I also ordered the Venetian to compare and was glad I did because the Venetian was about an inch taller than the gabi, just a little too tall. I’m so pleased I finally went to the trouble to find skin calf boots!!!
  • By: Elaine W.
    I returned the Gabi boots for the Slim Venetian boots. I absolutely love these boots they are so comfortable and have a leather stretch feature along the back of the boots which slightly comes out to adjust to your calf with comfort. I have received so many compliments when I wear these boots being that they are stylish with the sliver black accents just add to the look. Love the fact that they are also a higher shaft length for taller legs. I am 5'11 and the Gabi was a little shorter with not much give in the calf area. These boots adjust to your calfs with ease. Did I say it enough, LOVE, LOVE these boots.
  • By: Marcia Peterson
    I have been looking for boots to fit my skinny legs for years and finally found them. These are well-made, beautiful boots and they fit perfectly. Thank you, SoleMani!!!!
  • By: Jennifer Etherton
    I purchased these in brown this year, black last year, and they are the first boots to ever fit my calf snugly. Ever. The black leather is buttery soft, and a year later, still look new with minimal care. Happy to add a brown pair this year...I love them. :)
    My boots arrived today and I am thrilled! I live in Sydney, Australia and it only took 8 days for them to get here. They are absolutely beautiful, very well made, and fit my slim legs like a glove. This the first time in my life that I have been able to find long boots that actually fit (and I am 55 years old)! Can't wait to buy some more from Slim Calf Boots!
  • By: Deborah OBrien
    I have looked for years for boots that would fit my skinny legs. I finally found them! These boots are so beautiful. The leather on them is so soft. I will definitely shop at Slim Calf Boots again!